When Love is not Godly.

How can it be possible that something man-made can compete with something completely natural?
It can’t.
Or can it?
When did life become so rigid?
I think, I feel, and I want to say: it’s all pretty stupid…
But hey, that’s just my free-spirited opinion.
Have you ever felt vigorously trapped and beautifully free – simultaneously…?



A Heart’s Challenge

I sit and dream
I sit and wait
I think and hate
on obstacles of my fate
I love I listen
I learn I try
a tear falls down
while time passes me by
I write I speak
I feel the heat
I feel it all
I feel it all..

More than a pleasant surprise.

How do you know when your heart is happy? That’s easy: It feels calm, and confident but most of all, everything just feels like one beautiful dream.
And the longer that moment can last, the better. Surreal…but the best part is that it is real.
I like your style.
I love the way I’m sitting here smiling like a goof as I write this because…
well, just because.

The Importance of Strong Ties.

Here I am blogging instead of working.. *sigh* I always do this.
My mind goes through a million thoughts per second.  For hours and days now I have stared at this screen with an unfocused mind.  My thoughts are elsewhere.  I’m actually thinking about the importance of having a strong support system in life.  I literally just had a thought to myself which was, ‘It’s so damn good to have people who support you in your decisions and through hardships. Cheerleaders. People to have your back when you need it the most, and even when you don’t.’
The more people I come across in my existence that aren’t like that towards me, the more I say, “Go fuck yourself. See ya.”  Sounds spoiled, but meh.  I could care less.  Nothing is worse than feeling like nobody backs you up (or the person you want to, isn’t).  Unless of course you are the one in the wrong!
But it’s just like when a parent needs to discipline their child, and the other parent is against it and saying something totally different to the kid.
What a piss off that must be!  Where is the team mentality there?
These are just random thoughts anyway.  Long story short, I like strong bonds.  If I don’t feel that in a friendship, relationship, business partnership – I’m very turned off, and will slowly distance myself.  Nothing to hide there.
I wonder how it would feel to live a life where you not only feel alone, but are alone.  Deep.  That must really hurt.
That’s not even a life worth living.