Social media.. a bit too social for me.

I’m not sure if I’m cool with total strangers knowing my whole life story through social media.
At first I thought Facebook was too much, so I got rid of it – but now, people from all over the world can not only follow your life through imagery but can save your personal pictures to their phones and hard drives via Instagram.
One thing becomes cool but on a flip side can be very dangerous.
What do we do when we want to keep up with the times, but more importantly want to remain a private person? You almost get caught up posting bullshit when you join these things.
It’s almost impossible to do both.
Gosh…what’s happening…?
I mean, when did it become cool for everyone to know all of your business?

Check this out, I read it not too long ago – the video is creepy!


Apple Pie in the Sky

Sunny skies,
Traditional apple pie..
Mystic greens have me flying
Or is it just this green train that I’m riding..
Demonstration of a fight that I once tried
Putting in work for a skill I can’t deny that I have..
Can’t stop this mind when it’s on fire
Coasting on these tracks makes me think of the things I truly desire
And that’s being free..
That’s being me
Stamped, approved
Gibberish at its finest,
Shout outs to those that are moved
by my words..
I can lure, we can soar
to those sunny skies and just sit
and eat some traditional apple pie


Over the past week, I’ve realized a lot about myself – and others. I learned that my tolerance level is not the highest.
I learned that I can’t stand being copied in any way, actually wait…I knew that since grade 4. I realized that my closest friendships are with more strong-minded individuals. Makes sense. I learned I’m even more territorial than I thought, but more so very sensitive. I learned that I’m way too honest, and have a big mouth. I know how to keep secrets but when it comes to something bothering me, I really have to say something. I just can’t shut my mouth, and I have next to no filter so….when it comes out, it really comes out! Yikes!
I can’t explain the level to which I need to change this.
I have solid bonds with some, and others just still don’t get me yet and vice-versa which, I suppose is okay.. for now.
But what I learned the most over the past week is this: be mindful of other people’s feelings because when you truly care about certain individuals, their feelings should be your priority. Especially in a relationship sense. Nothing is worse than watching your feelings become secondary where they should be primary. At the same time however, it’s easier just to fuck with people who get you, accept you and love you.

Pride, lies & those disgusting flies.

Some people fight for the things they want with an undeniable passion,
Other’s just watch them drift away.. day by day.

Some people take great pleasure in lifting others up positively through words,
While other’s enjoy putting people down, just to make themselves feel better.

Some people pay attention to detail, showing they truly care.
Other’s exhaust people by constantly having to be taught things that are common sense.

Some people can admit that they just don’t know it all and have a lot to learn.
Other’s think and act like they know so much, when their entire demeanour speaks differently.

Some people are humble beings and realize everything is not all about them,
While other’s chose to act like spoiled brats, and have egos so large they are blinded by selfish clouds.

Some people are there for you, ride or die because they want to be.
With other’s it only seems that way when shit is easy, oh! and when they want to “look good”.

Some people just make life worth living.
Fuck the others, they just have way too much pride.

Murphy’s Law.

As much as a strong part of me wants to feel defeated, I cannot accept that.
I will not allow a shitty sequence of events ruin what I know is supposed to be a successful destiny.
As I recover and rebuild myself from shattered everythings, I will always remember the feelings that I never want repeated. This is so. fucking. hard.
Being on the ground, there is only one direction to look and that is up, right?

The Vicious Cycle.

I have none but myself to blame for my frustrations.
My head is pounding, and I’m restorting.. to old habits.
I don’t feel sorry for myself, I just want to be something that I am not.
I just want to have, things that I don’t..
Constantly in a state of unknown, just a continuous cycle. A circle that keeps outlining itself. Vicious.
The fix is temporary, and now finally… finally, it explains my discomfort in those environments. Socially. I hate this.
I hate that life is passing me by, and what the heck am I doing about it?
Perfection, I realized is unattainable – but at least some people come close.
I know that being down on yourself can be damaging, but fuck – sometimes we all need that kick in the ass to make change happen.

Great minds think alike.

I love good people.
I especially love funny people, or those who you just know are genuine at heart.
I love people who get off on making others smile. I love spontaneous, and free-spirited people. I love cool ass, look-like-they-are all that and actually are, people.
I love my friends.

Positive Energy

Today I was inspired by many different things.
I went to this networking event and met some outstanding people… seen some incredible businesses,
but what I took the most from it was that you should not take your business ideas for granted. Even the smallest of things, can become a profitable business for you as there are so many niche markets. Also, talk can only get you so far.
I feel so great about this year, and the growth and knowledge that I’m going to obtain.
I love the people I am surrounded with as well.
Your affiliates really do play a huge part of your success, and I want to continue to strengthen that circle but first, I need to do something – and not just anything. Or maybe anything.
I just know I feel motivated.

My truth regarding 2013.

It’s a new year and everyone is rushing to get their goals together, or resolutions I should say..
Hmm.. all I can say is I just want to be a better me, and that means becoming aware of bad habits or unadmirable traits and fixing them.
I hate forecasting, making all these big plans, etc. I just know what I want to do or have, in my head.  It’s not that I don’t see the point in making goals (okay I really don’t), but this is life – things happen along the way.  I just say keep quiet and get shit done, stop talking.
What difference does it make being January?
How come nobody is doing goals in April, or November?  What happened to diets and budgeting strategies then.. do they not exist?  To me it’s a bunch of bullshit, this new years stuff.  I’m not saying to procrastinate or to drop big dreams.
Just, less talk and more actions that’s all.
When you say shit, people hold you accountable and you should hold yourself too.
My new years resolutions have went down over the years from long lists of bullet points to basic words and this year some of them are: happiness, simplicity, business, trust, truth and love.