When Love is not Godly.

How can it be possible that something man-made can compete with something completely natural?
It can’t.
Or can it?
When did life become so rigid?
I think, I feel, and I want to say: it’s all pretty stupid…
But hey, that’s just my free-spirited opinion.
Have you ever felt vigorously trapped and beautifully free – simultaneously…?



A simple love letter.

You’ve been gone, gone too long..
Come back
I’m lost without you.
My heart patiently awaits the creation
of new memories..
My love is…anxious, ready…going crazy…
My heart is counting down the days..


Missing you already

We are different.
We have our differences.
We are similar.
We share our minds.
I pay attention,
So do you.
We surprise one another in the best of ways, always.
Closer we get each day.
Love, obvious traces everywhere.
Lost will be me when you are gone away.
Don’t go..


Apple Pie in the Sky

Sunny skies,
Traditional apple pie..
Mystic greens have me flying
Or is it just this green train that I’m riding..
Demonstration of a fight that I once tried
Putting in work for a skill I can’t deny that I have..
Can’t stop this mind when it’s on fire
Coasting on these tracks makes me think of the things I truly desire
And that’s being free..
That’s being me
Stamped, approved
Gibberish at its finest,
Shout outs to those that are moved
by my words..
I can lure, we can soar
to those sunny skies and just sit
and eat some traditional apple pie

It Just Clicked.

I’m at a place mentally where I’m practicing not letting things beyond my control bother me so much.
I get bothered easily.
It seems pretty peaceful so far, calming.
The idea is to not torment yourself with the same thought over and over.
Especially because you can’t do anything about it. Unless you can but then do that.
Being more carefree (to an extent), is really how I should be. Stress-free.

You & I…

newloveI constantly observe..
but my fear holds me back from seeing what’s right in front of me.
I don’t quite know what I see, but I know what I want to see.
I’m in denial of what others speak of, and actions speak loudly – however, words do have some sort of solidification..
I really don’t need any of that to justify how I feel ‘cuz one just feels what they feel you know.
Magic, frustration, cravings, fear of the unknown, happiness, dreams coming true, and completeness. Acceptance. A high that even non-drug users deserve to experience. I just can’t be alone in the feeling that I feel, I just can’t.
Sometimes in life, we rush what we should just enjoy.
Have you ever felt the world around you stop?
That’s how I feel everytime it’s just you and I; absolutely nothing else matters in those moments, except your lips on mine.. your touch.. smell.. and any words and laughter exchanged between us, my senses get heightened..
I think about how lucky we are, and giggle as I envision you and I, waving hi to the passerbys as they pass us by.. not knowing what it’s like to fly this high in the sky. Sucks to be them.
Now-a-days the smallest of things just seem to make me smile.
And as time continues on, I just keep wanting more.

Turn the page

Built up anticipation.
It’s you that I desire..
Closer to the moment we are facing,
they were right about fire + fire.
Excitement you bring my mind,
in thoughts of the next chapter..
piecing parts altogether with words I cannot find.
Quick! Turn the page to see what happens next.. what a crazy story..
There’s no way that such passion and mystery could really ever bore me.


Hidden from your world,
how am I to find..
Peace and acceptance
when I must live as though I’m blind..
Or are they the blind ones?
Invisible is what I feel
and am, no less is true
Because being your best kept secret, might as well make me a mistress to you.
A simple mention couldn’t hurt, no culture is that crude.. exaggeration and obvious fear makes this secret borderline rude.
As insulted and unimportant as I feel, I still await the actions it takes to make this shame heal.

Dr. Pepper

I woke up..body feeling numb, heart included.
My mind instantly racing the minute I opened my eyes..sleepless nights, sleepless mornings, replaying everything, every word..every action..
And I can’t help but torture myself at the wonder of why you would put me through that.
Not why you would.. but why you did.
Who takes away the best thing they give somebody?

Our Parking Lot Spot.

And justĀ as I was starting to lose focus and really get off track…
You made me remember why I’m doing this again, simply by bringing me back.