I forgive you…?

Each day of my life gets more intense with its’ learning lessons…

I have realized how difficult dealing with people really is; Even more difficult however, is dealing with myself and my inner thoughts.

Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do anymore, aside from write.

I learned lately that you just can’t be right all the time, it’s actually quite exhausting.

I’m surrendering to the high-road. Perhaps it’s the only way to free myself.

I talk a lot about this concept of “freeing myself” – I still have not figured this path out yet… It’s a daily struggle. I think it has something to do with forgiveness.



Apple Pie in the Sky

Sunny skies,
Traditional apple pie..
Mystic greens have me flying
Or is it just this green train that I’m riding..
Demonstration of a fight that I once tried
Putting in work for a skill I can’t deny that I have..
Can’t stop this mind when it’s on fire
Coasting on these tracks makes me think of the things I truly desire
And that’s being free..
That’s being me
Stamped, approved
Gibberish at its finest,
Shout outs to those that are moved
by my words..
I can lure, we can soar
to those sunny skies and just sit
and eat some traditional apple pie

The Orange Ball.

You just sit there shinning down on me… and, when I’m down that’s all I really need. Even when I’m up, a dose of you does me so so good.
I wish you came around more often because truly, I can be around you forever. I don’t even need music in the car with your presence. I feel a sense of peace when I look up at you.
Sometimes I want to touch you but that’s just too far-fetched, plus I don’t want to risk being burned. I hate it when you make me sweaty but at least I get to show off my sexy skin around you. The other 3 aren’t as flexible or understanding. You are expensive company I must say, but I don’t care. I’ll travel to wherever you are.
As beautiful as you are, I know you can be deadly however when I want to feel protected, I just put on my Ray’s cuz your rays hurt my eyes.
Yes, this poem is for you Mr. Sun.
You deserve recognition for brightening up my days always.