Birthday love.

This year was a humbled birthday.
Spent with only those I truly care about.
As I get older I care less about going out, spending lots of money..and being out in the cold.
This year my birthday was filled with love, and just being in the present moment. Taking it in.
Chinese food, desserts, champagne, thoughtful words, beautiful surprises.
My family, my friends, my love.
Exactly what I wanted.



Day 2 – Vegan Challenge

Day 2 of my Vegan challenge has been great!
This is so much easier than I thought. Well, not super easy but easier. It’s all a mental thing – you tell yourself you eat meat, then you will. You tell yourself that something else is your diet than your daily habits fall into place. This challenge is such a hit that my family now wants to go on a vegetarian diet! Glad I sparked something different and healthy for my family.
I was so close to eating Honeycomb cereal today! Eekk!
My cousin tells me there is a huge debate about Vegans and eating Honey-related products. I’m just going to push it all the way, may as well.
Eating cleaner feels great!

Summertime vibez


Something in my heart tells me this is going to be a really great summer.
I just feel it.
Interesting encounters..
New experiences..
New love..
New understandings..
Good times with friends..
Close bonds with family..
New business ventures..
A lot of knowledge gained..
And continued growth among self.

Getting older

Opening old doors sucks.
As we get older I realize how limited our time is with all the responsibilities we have. You cannot talk to and/or keep everyone in your life. Realize who your priorities are, and stick to that. Or plan how you want your life to go, and choose the ones you keep around accordingly.

Oh, Chicoutimi!

I remember when I went to Chicoutimi in Quebec on an exchange program for school. It was the best time of my life. Not a care in the world, embracing and learning about a whole new culture.
I had the best university class, 4A. Or should I say “Quatre Ahhh” lol we weren’t quite fluent but definitely weren’t rookies when it came to the language (according to the tests!)
So many memories there. So many good friends made. I wish I could re-live that experience, it was incredible.
I miss my friend Sarah.. JT.. I wonder what he’s up to. Wow, what insane experiences! The French.. the walks to school, the many activities, the pot sessions, the ‘franglais’ hahaha…the outings in JT’s car, the wild parties.
My beautiful family, Chantele and her cute little sons – couldn’t have asked for more. Hosting the grande finale show at the end of the trip with that funny dude from PEI! What a dynamic. I wish I could get my hands on that video!! Oh my goshhh and the improv sessions!! That was some fun stuff man. I think I will look into getting my hands on some hard copies.
What would life be without adventures around the world?
I’m just lying here reminiscing about that trip from beginning..middle..and the end. I did not want to leave, I did not want it to end. *sigh*
Oh, Chicoutimi.
Best 5 weeks EVER.