Reoccuring dreams…

I wish I may I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight:
With all the stress and all those fights
Erase your existence from my mental sight.
I forgive I forgot, or so I tell myself often
I can’t dwell on you locked in
I don’t hate that you are him
I need closure I think I’m dying to reveal your sins
Don’t know if maybe I would feel that was my win…
Intense sexual energy gets someone’s heart broken,
Mine, hers – or maybe yours.
Either way I need these dreams to stop reoccurring,
So I can free my mind
and continue maturing.




She’s so high – she reach the sky..
Look into her eyes, she’s so high.
She lives inside a cloud, her silence is loud.
She screams without a sound, so profound..

– Charles Hamilton
(Loveeeeee this song, it’s called ‘She’s So High.’ Helps me get through a day, it’s different and the lyrics are dope.)