Positive Energy

Today I was inspired by many different things.
I went to this networking event and met some outstanding people… seen some incredible businesses,
but what I took the most from it was that you should not take your business ideas for granted. Even the smallest of things, can become a profitable business for you as there are so many niche markets. Also, talk can only get you so far.
I feel so great about this year, and the growth and knowledge that I’m going to obtain.
I love the people I am surrounded with as well.
Your affiliates really do play a huge part of your success, and I want to continue to strengthen that circle but first, I need to do something – and not just anything. Or maybe anything.
I just know I feel motivated.


MEN – Take it or leave it. Ladies, thank me later.

Guys, men, my fellow dude. Sometimes you are just so clueless, it really can be quite sad. So here, I’ve written a post for you to just GET IT. Step your game up a bit with the women in your life, you know?
My list of things that women adore. Big and small. PAY ATTENTION and implement. Trust me on this one, I would know. *laughs*

1) Make us feel like we are the only woman on the planet via usage of a lot of great compliments (by the way we know when you are being genuine and when you just want something) and spending a lot of quality time together. Mentioning other women, depending on the context can be a huge turn-off and does not make us feel like we are the only woman on the planet. Not making time or saying “I don’t have time” is such an excuse and does not make a woman feel special.

2) Pay attention to the small details (what we like, our favourite anything, our passions, quote things we’ve said) and don’t be afraid to refer to those details, it truly does show that you listen and care. For example: “I chose to take you to Bermuda because I know you have always wanted to go there since you were a little girl.” Or, “I got you this green jewelled bracelet because I know it’s your favorite colour.” “Hey, your eyebrows look good, you got them done today right?” Or, “You should really consider being a director for films because you are good at that kind of stuff, I see how you ran your school play; a career like that is perfect for your personality.” <;;;—- women LOVE when men pay attention to their passions.

3) Man up and take charge. No girl likes a guy who’s too care free and never makes a decision. Make sure you take control of situations and do things like picking the restaurant, pick her up at her house, pay for stuff before she even notices, plan romantic evenings. Nothing is sexier than a man that takes initiative and who doesn’t expect her to do it all.
That’s the difference between a man and a boy.

4) Women love a guy who is their friend, and boyfriend at the same time. Be there for her, listen to her venting sessions, and be both – not just one. A girl wants to feel that she can go to a guy that she likes, for pretty much anything. This also means having a good balance of treating her like one of the boys, and treating her as the woman she is – to you.

5) Be trustworthy, and show her that she has nothing to worry about. One of the biggest issues women have with men is that they are known to cheat (although times have drastically changed in this regard but that’s another blog post). Answer your phone around her, bring her around your family and friends. Social media, don’t hide her on it. Eyes on her only when you are out especially when she’s put so much work into her outfit, hair, make-up, etc. If she really is the one, don’t hide her, I don’t give a shit if you are a private person. Embrace your relationship. Show public affection – this one is huge for trust and making a woman feel important in your life.

6) Talk future talks with them if you feel they are a great catch. Nothing is more of a shitty feeling than a man who doesn’t entertain the idea of moving in together, potential marriage or kids with a woman they supposedly love or have been with for a long time.

7) Referring back to #1, making us feel like we are the only woman on the planet. This means sexually too. Do all the dirty stuff you would do with any other woman, with your woman. Don’t separate sexual activities, because first of all that’s boring. Secondly, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to have whore sex with your woman, as well as girlfriend love-making. Women want it all – we want to feel wanted in every way, shape and form. Plus, it keeps it all spicy. Do everything to her and trust me, she’ll do the same.

8) Do stuff you wouldn’t normally do to show her that you are stepping outside of your comfort zones just for her. For example, if she loves flowers and you aren’t romantic, suck it up and get her some beautiful flowers for God sakes. Who cares what you like! It’s about making her happy. Besides, no one says you have to do that all the time.

What a guy!
What a guy!

9) Women love surprises. Do spontaneous stuff out of the blue. It keeps the relationship alive. Even if it is the smallest thing like going to Starbucks for a latte and sitting down to talk in an environment different than your home couch.

10) Ask her questions. It shows you care about her life.

11) Okay this one I’m not saying not to do, but keep in mind this: women hate when you have close girlfriends. Jealousy issues. Reason being, no woman wants to share her prized possession. I can’t say I disagree, I would die if my boyfriend had a best friend that was a girl, or someone he spent one on one time with on a regular basis. Remember, a large part of the population believes men and women cannot be friends – think about it.

12) Finally, take care of yourself and don’t get too comfortable. Women love a man who is well-groomed, smells good, fashionable, and is always trying to impress her in every way. Impressing a woman does not just come in the form of physical appearance, it also means the words that come out of your mouth and your actions. Don’t make her feel insecure, say ignorant remarks or insult her. That is a prime example of getting too comfortable. Always impress her, or else another man will while you’re too busy turning her off.

13) Oh yeah! Express how you feel. Use your words. Show emotion so she thinks that she’s “in” with you. Don’t be shy to tell her things that you wouldn’t normally say.

*I hope these tips help you men out there. For years I have come across many clueless men, whether it be those in my family or guys I have dated. I always thought to myself, damn us women are so easy to please. Many of you men beg to differ though. Here: Just do sweet shit, don’t cheat and don’t piss us off – gosh! What’s so hard about that? Hahahaha.
Happy dating.


I open my mouth, I get shut down.
I close my mouth, I shut down from the inside and start resenting, hard.
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
As I tear up and count one..two..
I wonder how one can be so negative after all the positive things I try to do.

Signs that you are happy within your life.

Here are some things I came up with that I believe are clear indications that you are happy with life itself:

1) You wake up every morning ready to start the day, even though you are not a morning person
2) You love what you do, and find time to do what you love
3) You have an optimistic look on life and constantly turn obstacles into opportunities
4) You look at each moment with your significant other as exciting, even if you have been with them for some time now
5) It’s hard for things to bother or upset you
6) Nothing means more to you than spending time with your good friends and your family
7) You embrace all moments to the fullest
8) Money isn’t everything to you
9) Laughter is one of your favorite hobbies
10) You love who you are with, or your situation
11) You love yourself

Take a look at your life and ask yourself, are you truly happy?
If not, realize what you need to do to make it bettter and act sooner rather than later.
My list has me coming to some self-realizations.

Today, yesterday and tomorrow.

I value: laughter, nature, good strangers, cozy blankets, my family on both sides, puppies, art in all forms, books you can’t put down, my friends, nice smelling stuff, massages, autumn leaves & spring breeze, undeniable chemistry between any two people, uggs, photos to look back on, love letters/notes/poems, playground swings, hip-hop, entrepreneurship, health, positive changes, passion, lipgloss, my crush, chuck taylor’s, honesty, the colour green, those that listen, fresh food, crazy talents, hopeful efforts, detail-oriented people, the internet, strategy, astrology, blinging accessories, marijuana, reflections, naps, winning, interpreting dreams, boxing, nair, cheese, trust, ice cream, tampax pearl, wedge heels, freedom, my life, and being in the moment..when I want to be in that moment.