Day 2 – Vegan Challenge

Day 2 of my Vegan challenge has been great!
This is so much easier than I thought. Well, not super easy but easier. It’s all a mental thing – you tell yourself you eat meat, then you will. You tell yourself that something else is your diet than your daily habits fall into place. This challenge is such a hit that my family now wants to go on a vegetarian diet! Glad I sparked something different and healthy for my family.
I was so close to eating Honeycomb cereal today! Eekk!
My cousin tells me there is a huge debate about Vegans and eating Honey-related products. I’m just going to push it all the way, may as well.
Eating cleaner feels great!


Turn the page

Built up anticipation.
It’s you that I desire..
Closer to the moment we are facing,
they were right about fire + fire.
Excitement you bring my mind,
in thoughts of the next chapter..
piecing parts altogether with words I cannot find.
Quick! Turn the page to see what happens next.. what a crazy story..
There’s no way that such passion and mystery could really ever bore me.

Cherry Pop!

Sometimes, there is no time to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
You have to use that energy to be happy for those around you.

Tonight I was really about to start getting down on myself just because things haven’t been going that great… then I watched the video from my baby sister who made it in the TOP 4 IN ALL OF CANADA to get a potential spot on ET Canada Live, and the excitement quickly took over my spirits, so I mass texted quite a few people, started listening to her co-hosting on Calgary’s underground Hip-Hop radio station and just realized.. she truly is in a good place in her life right now, let me just use my energy positively by being thrilled for her instead of moping about my self-esteem issues.

It would make her dreams come true if she won! She REALLY deserves this – girl has a heart of gold.


catinblanketI feel happy.
I feel together, and excited.
I feel ready.
Today is going to be a good day, as yesterday was.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day, as today is.
I can laugh, understand, and smile.
I can be me.

Oh, Chicoutimi!

I remember when I went to Chicoutimi in Quebec on an exchange program for school. It was the best time of my life. Not a care in the world, embracing and learning about a whole new culture.
I had the best university class, 4A. Or should I say “Quatre Ahhh” lol we weren’t quite fluent but definitely weren’t rookies when it came to the language (according to the tests!)
So many memories there. So many good friends made. I wish I could re-live that experience, it was incredible.
I miss my friend Sarah.. JT.. I wonder what he’s up to. Wow, what insane experiences! The French.. the walks to school, the many activities, the pot sessions, the ‘franglais’ hahaha…the outings in JT’s car, the wild parties.
My beautiful family, Chantele and her cute little sons – couldn’t have asked for more. Hosting the grande finale show at the end of the trip with that funny dude from PEI! What a dynamic. I wish I could get my hands on that video!! Oh my goshhh and the improv sessions!! That was some fun stuff man. I think I will look into getting my hands on some hard copies.
What would life be without adventures around the world?
I’m just lying here reminiscing about that trip from beginning..middle..and the end. I did not want to leave, I did not want it to end. *sigh*
Oh, Chicoutimi.
Best 5 weeks EVER.

Cheers 2 the freakin’ weekend!

Cottage life! Cheaaa!

I have been up since 8 in the morning and it’s now 2 a.m. and here I am still up.  Damn, I worked my ass off today and just can’t wait to sit around and do fuck all at the cottage.
Got all my food, brownies, liquor.. music.. ahh.. wait.. I think I will download some more mixes..Shit! I still have to pack.. omg, I’m tired as hellllllllllllllll.
Anyways, here’s to what will be a great weekend.  Hey, even if it’s not, I’ll be too drunk and high to notice hahahaha *cheers*

Happy Early Birthday to ME! I am in a very happy place.

Bling Bling

So one of my good friends that I’ve known since like, day-care days, is having her 25th birthday bash right after my birthday.  Her theme is banging! Black and bling.  Everyone must dress formally in black with a little bit of bling, whether that be diamonds, sparkles, gold.. whatever.  I’m tripping out because I’m like, omg I have to look SEXY for this party.  Is it a bit much that at the mall today (while working), I seen a clothing display and after walking in that same store for 2 minutes, got them to put every single black dress they had on a mannequin on hold for me.. :S lmao. I’m talking about the dresses the actual mannequins were wearing, those sizes, those specific ones.  How very me of me.  There were 9 of them, I couldn’t resist!  Plus I had to, they only do holds for 48 hours and I need more time to make my decision so that was the only solution because it gives me until they change their displays which is about 1-2 weeks!  Genius I tell ya! Now all I have to do is figure out.. how I’m going to do my hair.. make-up.. and what accessories I will rock.  Well I guess I should try on those dresses first eh?  Hahahaha
You know, on top of about 6 black dresses I already own, I have a perfectly great designer dress that still has the tag on it that is not only black but has bling on it that I could wear right? …(for some reason 3-4 years later I’m still waiting to wear it for ‘New Year’s’)
There’s just something about novelty that is so fresh…
*sigh* Being a woman can be so fun sometimes.