Today, yesterday and tomorrow.

I value: laughter, nature, good strangers, cozy blankets, my family on both sides, puppies, art in all forms, books you can’t put down, my friends, nice smelling stuff, massages, autumn leaves & spring breeze, undeniable chemistry between any two people, uggs, photos to look back on, love letters/notes/poems, playground swings, hip-hop, entrepreneurship, health, positive changes, passion, lipgloss, my crush, chuck taylor’s, honesty, the colour green, those that listen, fresh food, crazy talents, hopeful efforts, detail-oriented people, the internet, strategy, astrology, blinging accessories, marijuana, reflections, naps, winning, interpreting dreams, boxing, nair, cheese, trust, ice cream, tampax pearl, wedge heels, freedom, my life, and being in the moment..when I want to be in that moment.