Day 2 – Vegan Challenge

Day 2 of my Vegan challenge has been great!
This is so much easier than I thought. Well, not super easy but easier. It’s all a mental thing – you tell yourself you eat meat, then you will. You tell yourself that something else is your diet than your daily habits fall into place. This challenge is such a hit that my family now wants to go on a vegetarian diet! Glad I sparked something different and healthy for my family.
I was so close to eating Honeycomb cereal today! Eekk!
My cousin tells me there is a huge debate about Vegans and eating Honey-related products. I’m just going to push it all the way, may as well.
Eating cleaner feels great!


7 Day Vegan Challenge

I’ve decided to try something completely out of my comfort zone.
In reading my favorite blog, I’ve come across an idea to try going vegan for 7 days! What a challenge!
I’m very excited, and have my girlfriend doing it with me, you should try it too:
Definitely a bit nervous, but from what I’ve read the key is variation.
Presently, I am reading up on animal cruelty and seeing if that will help me this week.
Veganism is about compassion for animals, healthy eating, and just ethics overall. Sounds pretty cool.
I do love my meat, but do I love it so much that I cannot make a sacrifice? No. And I’m pumped to learn new foods, and just see another way of life. I may love it, or hate it – either way, I’m up for the challenge. I e-mailed my vegan cousin, got my grocery list in check, and will be doing a lot of reading tonight. This thing is no joke. You need to do these type of things in life to gain different perspectives, and grow as a person. I personally don’t believe in knocking anything unless you’ve tried it.
Wish me luck! It begins tomorrow.