When Love is not Godly.

How can it be possible that something man-made can compete with something completely natural?
It can’t.
Or can it?
When did life become so rigid?
I think, I feel, and I want to say: it’s all pretty stupid…
But hey, that’s just my free-spirited opinion.
Have you ever felt vigorously trapped and beautifully free – simultaneously…?



It’s a total mentality shift.

I follow this blog from time-to-time called Zen Habits and it’s incredible.  Tonight’s posting was about how most of the time in life we are so comfortable in our routines and mentalities, that we shut down to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Here’s the link –> http://zenhabits.net/open-mind/ I ABSOLUTELY agree with this.  Why is it that society has all these rules for us, and if shit doesn’t happen in a certain timeline or in a specific fashion, it is either looked down upon or people get scared? I respect those that are different, and when I say different I mean rebellious towards the norm.  Mavericks.

When it comes to life: careers, how to raise children, education systems, relationships, fashion, diet, etc.  There are just too many damn rules.  I hate rules.  For example, why are people expected to get post-secondary schooling after high school when a lot of highly educated people are not even making big bucks anyways?  No offense.  Why does everyone think all business ventures are risky?  Who gives a shit, if you have the money and the drive go for it.  You know, I can be very guilty of following what other people say or do as well.   I’m not perfect but gosh, I really wish I did not care what people thought at all. Sometimes I will be asked what I did in a day, and I assume that one is seeking some fabulously productive response.  But again, that’s just another rule – why do people always have to “do stuff”.  What if I just sat on my ass, woke up, read 2 lines of a book, ate, took 2 naps, talked to a few friends, and blogged all day.. would that really make me a horrible person? I hear people saying all the time, oh I’m ____ years old, I should have this by now.  Or I should be here by now.  WHYYYY though!  I have finally concluded where all the stress and pressure comes from that I feel.  It’s not being able or ready to surpass society’s expectations.  I was taught a very valuable lesson recently, as I was guilty of measuring actions in a “timeline” of what I assumed someone was supposed to be doing or not.  Boy, was I ever in for a wake up call.  I realized I truly do have to think differently about things, it’s the only way to create the: career, relationship, family life, diet, and overall well-being that I desire. People will always give you advice, whether you want it or not.  Most people are too comfortable to think differently anyways, so be mindful of who you actually listen to.

There are no set things.
You truly should live the life you want to live, not the life other’s tell you you should be living.