Reoccuring dreams…

I wish I may I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight:
With all the stress and all those fights
Erase your existence from my mental sight.
I forgive I forgot, or so I tell myself often
I can’t dwell on you locked in
I don’t hate that you are him
I need closure I think I’m dying to reveal your sins
Don’t know if maybe I would feel that was my win…
Intense sexual energy gets someone’s heart broken,
Mine, hers – or maybe yours.
Either way I need these dreams to stop reoccurring,
So I can free my mind
and continue maturing.



A Heart’s Challenge

I sit and dream
I sit and wait
I think and hate
on obstacles of my fate
I love I listen
I learn I try
a tear falls down
while time passes me by
I write I speak
I feel the heat
I feel it all
I feel it all..

Missing you already

We are different.
We have our differences.
We are similar.
We share our minds.
I pay attention,
So do you.
We surprise one another in the best of ways, always.
Closer we get each day.
Love, obvious traces everywhere.
Lost will be me when you are gone away.
Don’t go..


More than a pleasant surprise.

How do you know when your heart is happy? That’s easy: It feels calm, and confident but most of all, everything just feels like one beautiful dream.
And the longer that moment can last, the better. Surreal…but the best part is that it is real.
I like your style.
I love the way I’m sitting here smiling like a goof as I write this because…
well, just because.

Queen of Hearts, King of Spades.

You inspire my thoughts..
Different emotions inspire my writing.
Your absence equals an absence of my words.
It’s just been quiet, even inside my head.
I don’t know what this is, still.
But, in 40 seconds or less I’m finally going to rest my head and just reminisce on the stuff about us that makes me giddy.
Soon enough, we’ll be together again.