Social media.. a bit too social for me.

I’m not sure if I’m cool with total strangers knowing my whole life story through social media.
At first I thought Facebook was too much, so I got rid of it – but now, people from all over the world can not only follow your life through imagery but can save your personal pictures to their phones and hard drives via Instagram.
One thing becomes cool but on a flip side can be very dangerous.
What do we do when we want to keep up with the times, but more importantly want to remain a private person? You almost get caught up posting bullshit when you join these things.
It’s almost impossible to do both.
Gosh…what’s happening…?
I mean, when did it become cool for everyone to know all of your business?

Check this out, I read it not too long ago – the video is creepy!


2 thoughts on “Social media.. a bit too social for me.

  1. I very recently joined FB and I post “intellectual” things only. My friends were tired and asked me “do you live life? Like eat, sleep, do merry, click photos, dance and drink or do you keep thinking all the time?” They reminded me that I am on FB and I should write something about “myself”. I just smiled.

    If you want to be serious as a person, FB is the wrong place to be. But if you are serious, there is a small chance you could use FB getting not much out of it except for having substantial conversations with a few like-minded people now and then, if you are lucky. In the end I have say, Social media.. a bit too unsocial for me

    • That’s awesome that you post intellectual things. I must say I agree with you on people just wanting to talk about trivial things like their pets, or what they ate that day lol. Like who even cares about that stuff? It’s become such meaningless junk on those sites. I guess everyone has their ways of how they want to be social!

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