Day 1 – Vegan Challenge

So today was my official start day for this vegan challenge, and boy what a day it was! I hadn’t actually done my grocery shopping until today so for breakfast, I just ate oatmeal and had some fruit. Luckily I had that in the house. Oh, and I hate oatmeal by the way lol.. but I sure learned to love this real quick!
My experience at the grocery store was deadly.. how lost was I?! Going up and down the aisles, even with a list! Hahahaha
I bought greens I didn’t even know existed… and beans for days!
When I got home, I put together some concoction that ended up getting pretty soggy, and I don’t know what the hell I was thinking anyways with that combination of stuff. I ended up eating some kale and peppers that my mom put together the night before – phew! After a heavy duty work out today, I was starved and ended up eating a vegetarian Caribbean appetizer called Doubles, and had more of my concoction and carrots and hummus. I know this is boring me just listing my meals.. and I probably won’t do this everyday but I can’t believe how eye-opening this experience is for me already! It’s only day 1. People truly do make a huge sacrifice, and it takes a lot of knowledge about food to do the right cooking, blending, and grocery shopping. Even knowing the terminology is crucial. I learned about Tofu having various textures, and how to make it (more or less). With the assistance of my mom, I was able to prepare a delicious stir fry for tomorrow’s lunch, and now I have pretty much all the groceries I will need for my 7 days. 6 now! Woo hoo! It was not too hard sacrificing meat – today my main struggle was finding my way through the grocery store aisles and reading ingredients, etc. I guess the more experience with living this way of life, the easier it becomes.
Although I can’t say if I would adopt this lifestyle for good (I doubt it but who knows), I can say that I will take on a cleaner way of eating by implementing a lot of these things – I feel great.


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