The Vicious Cycle.

I have none but myself to blame for my frustrations.
My head is pounding, and I’m restorting.. to old habits.
I don’t feel sorry for myself, I just want to be something that I am not.
I just want to have, things that I don’t..
Constantly in a state of unknown, just a continuous cycle. A circle that keeps outlining itself. Vicious.
The fix is temporary, and now finally… finally, it explains my discomfort in those environments. Socially. I hate this.
I hate that life is passing me by, and what the heck am I doing about it?
Perfection, I realized is unattainable – but at least some people come close.
I know that being down on yourself can be damaging, but fuck – sometimes we all need that kick in the ass to make change happen.


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