Society today = full of attention seekers.

So I’m talking to my friend tonight, and we get into this really deep discussion about how society’s focus today is all about attention.  Too damn true.  Social media plays a large role in this, in fact, I would even go as far as to say that it does something to people.
Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. 

A big thing we spoke about is this Instagram app.  Now I love instagram, it’s pretty cool.  But what I’ve realized is that it makes people really vain.  The confidence in many truly comes out for some reason.  You’ve got the millions of wanna-be models broadcasting themselves in lingerie, guys who think everyone wants to see their abs in every pic, people who feel it’s mandatory to show you what they ate for every meal of the day, how they look when they sleep, that their dog got a new sweater, and want you to see photos of their dying plant.  It’s pretty annoying when girls are posting pictures all day long of them making the kissy lips trying to look sexy, or when the ones with significant others spend all day posting sexy photos of themselves, hashtagging 200 times just to gain followers, comments, and the attention of people they do not know.
And these are the ones NOT doing it for business purposes! (For business, social media is genius btw).

So why do we care so much?
Twitter consists of people trying to gain the attention of others based on the controversal bullshit they say towards various topics.  I love controversy but so often you read “tweets” and they are written in a way that does not even portray that person’s personality what-so-ever.  Fake.  Many people just use the Internet as an outlet to be someone they are not.  Facebook, as much as I respect it from a business point of view (actually I respect all of those genius ideas), it is a whole different story.  Status updates of shit no one gives a damn about, people broadcasting their drama, exposing their lives online.  I am not one to care about people’s business, but when I was on Facebook, I was scoping people out.  Digging.  Too much wasted time on people I truly could care less for.  So I had to get off and save myself.  All for what? To see who people are hanging out with on Saturday night and what YouTube video they made next?
Social media can alter people to be something they are not.

Deep stuff man.  When did the world get to the point where everything has to do with putting your entire lives out in the open?  I mean, am I a victim with my blog?  Where do we draw the line..?  How did all of this become such an addiction to billions of people all over the world, and will we just keep jumping from thing to thing?

[Side note:] After Google blew up, I noticed every popular website had a verb affiliation
“I tweeted you.”  “Did you Facebook her?”  “Stop with all that instagramming!”

Wow.  Is there ever a moment that we just embrace anymore, or must we take a photo for instagram for the world to see before we can go ahead with simply chilling out with our friends?  This stuff is not a joke man.
It’s really holding us by the balls.
Before all this I believe lives were a lot more peaceful.
But that’s just my opinion.


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