My truth regarding 2013.

It’s a new year and everyone is rushing to get their goals together, or resolutions I should say..
Hmm.. all I can say is I just want to be a better me, and that means becoming aware of bad habits or unadmirable traits and fixing them.
I hate forecasting, making all these big plans, etc. I just know what I want to do or have, in my head.  It’s not that I don’t see the point in making goals (okay I really don’t), but this is life – things happen along the way.  I just say keep quiet and get shit done, stop talking.
What difference does it make being January?
How come nobody is doing goals in April, or November?  What happened to diets and budgeting strategies then.. do they not exist?  To me it’s a bunch of bullshit, this new years stuff.  I’m not saying to procrastinate or to drop big dreams.
Just, less talk and more actions that’s all.
When you say shit, people hold you accountable and you should hold yourself too.
My new years resolutions have went down over the years from long lists of bullet points to basic words and this year some of them are: happiness, simplicity, business, trust, truth and love.

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