Pointless. One day at a time.

I always thought it was other people who just don’t get it, but now I’m wondering if it’s just me.
I admit that I can be delusional at times, but damn it’s not like I want to be.
I care way too much man, almost like I’m the stupid one.
I keep saying that I see what’s right in front of me, but do I really?
Maybe I’m too confrontational and I should stop being that way.
Is it best to keep things to yourself and just observe from afar?  Or should I continue to voice my opinions… I don’t know.
I think I will take on a new method, see what happens.
I don’t even know who I’m close to anymore.
I think I need to let go of my expectations, for real this time.
I don’t know what kind of life that is to live but it seems it would be easier.
My eyes are wide open but my mouth is going to stay shut because trust me, no one wants to hear what I really have to say and at this point I’ve lost interest in sharing.
It’s going to be an interesting new year.


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