Trusting isn’t easy.

I believe that one day I will learn how to trust entirely, but it won’t come until I get over everything that anyone has ever done to me for me to lose it.
And I will have to watch people’s actions even more carefully.
Trust is so hard for me man, I don’t know how to explain it but it just is.
I almost feel like it’s such a dog eat dog world that … it’s impossible to have complete faith in others. Actions don’t add up to words.. people lie to your face.. some do deceitful things when they are upset.. one way one day, another way the next.
Betrayal occurs in so many forms.
I try to trust, but deep down inside I’m always questioning.
I want to let go of this feeling so I can finally be free and more relaxed, but.. I just haven’t been able to knock this…hopefully soon, I did say I wanted happiness.
I guess I’m afraid that trusting in others won’t give me that.
Gosh, I just want somebody – anybody to just prove me wrong.


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