The year is about to come to an end and now it’s time to do some reflecting.
[Reflecting should be done everyday, but after a full year you should do even more.]
I have probably had the most heavy realizations this year over any other.
Changes have come in heavy doses, none of them bad.  Just different.
I have realized that I am far from perfect but that I am great.  I know who I enjoy being around and what kind of people I want in my circle.  I know the type of partner I need, and want.  I know (more or less) the direction I want to go in terms of a career.  I have figured out some stuff, not all 100% but a very good idea and closer than I’ve come any other time.
Some things will never change about me but some will.
In the new year I have decided a few things.
One of the things is not to fear failure because that is just ridiculous.  Everyone needs failure to succeed, so it is actually a good part of life depending on if you learn from it or not.
I’m reading this book about the topic, it’s pretty dope.
All in all, I just want next year to be one of my best years.
One filled with lots of love.  Love for myself, among people, and a love for life.

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