The Little Things.

Who cares about all of that fancy stuff.  Well, some people do.
The truth is, it’s all about the little things.
Deep conversations, surprise visits, holding hands.

It’s Christmastime, and for some reason this year I just don’t feel the need to “go all out”.
When you get too extravagant, yes it can be great but sometimes it takes away from the Christmas spirit and then it becomes a competition on who can give or who gets the best gifts.  It is not the more you spend the more meaningful the gift.  It is the more effort you put in, the more meaningful the person.
This year,  I just want to chill.  Enjoy.  Embrace.  Take in the moments.

The little things are the things that matter.  The people who are there for you, being there for special moments, reading your favorite book,  laughing – all of that good stuff.

I realized today that there is just no point in stressing about all this.  Who really cares about being in the crowded malls with the ridiculous line-ups spending money that you really don’t have?  Or maybe you do who cares, it’s not the point.

Enjoy life for what it is, and don’t stress over these holidays.
Just be around the people who matter and really take them in.


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