The old, the new & the few.

Feels weird, I haven’t blogged in days.
Many topics have come up, many thoughts, encounters… been exhausted, just don’t know what to write about.  Guess I’m just confused about certain situations that are arising in my life.
Here’s what I’ve got:

Some people come,
Others go..
What going will do, I truly don’t know.
What coming is doing, I can’t even show..
my real feelings, because the truth is unknown.
I want complete honesty between us but you make it hard.
The going part makes it worse because it’s difficult to feel a connection,
when one is so far.  But distance isn’t the problem here, it’s the wall that divides.
How can we get closer, when it seems there’s so much to hide?
Not just on my end, on yours too – I can tell.
I deal with that, and this.. and so much more of that,
that you don’t even know all the crap.
Actually now that I know what my life really is, I can say
It’s worth being alone.
Right now, I hate the confusion so much I’m writing a poem.
Four to one, one to four
as I get to know you – I’ll explain more.
Only I can decipher all of this.
Everything is crystal clear to me now,
I just know – don’t ask me how.

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