The Purple People-Eater.

The truth is,  I don’t like people much.
People are funny, and not the ‘ha ha’ funny.  Just… funny.  One way one day, another way the next.  Competitive, useless, envious.. backstabbing jerks.  Not all, but a lot.

I hate awkward conversations with nobodies in your life.  By that I mean those acquaintances that you would really, rather not run into.

People are just too much sometimes.  The ones you think that care, the ones you think you are close to but then their actions speak otherwise…
What’s up with people anyway?  How do you know who to trust?

Why do we feel obligated to explain our life stories when we run into someone who we haven’t seen in  some time?  “What’s your number, let’s get together some time!”
Come on.  We all know that’s not happening, or even necessary.  Let’s not be fake.

I’m not really a social butterfly, and so what?  I choose not to be ‘cuz I simply cannot stand awkward conversations, or meaningless ones should I say.
Not to sound like an angry bird because I’m actually feeling quite peaceful for the first time in days, but people, can be very scary things.

I think when it comes to having people in your life, quality far outweighs quantity.
Hold on to the beautiful ones you find, because people can be quite ugly sometimes.  *laughs*  Even the beautiful ones.

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