Signs that you are happy within your life.

Here are some things I came up with that I believe are clear indications that you are happy with life itself:

1) You wake up every morning ready to start the day, even though you are not a morning person
2) You love what you do, and find time to do what you love
3) You have an optimistic look on life and constantly turn obstacles into opportunities
4) You look at each moment with your significant other as exciting, even if you have been with them for some time now
5) It’s hard for things to bother or upset you
6) Nothing means more to you than spending time with your good friends and your family
7) You embrace all moments to the fullest
8) Money isn’t everything to you
9) Laughter is one of your favorite hobbies
10) You love who you are with, or your situation
11) You love yourself

Take a look at your life and ask yourself, are you truly happy?
If not, realize what you need to do to make it bettter and act sooner rather than later.
My list has me coming to some self-realizations.


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