love is all we need

loveWhat is love?
I know I’ve felt it.  I know I want to feel it again.. but I really cannot answer what it is.  It’s just love.  It’s all we need.  I know it’s scary and gives you that adrenaline rush at the same time.  I know it makes you do stupid shit, yet still puts you on cloud 9.  I know I love being loved, and that I love very hard when I do.  I know that it’s like a drug, hard to stop once you’ve begun.  But damn it’s beautiful, although it can barely be described. How can something you cannot physically touch, smell, hear or taste be so profound.. so significant in life itself?
Love just is.
I did not forget how it feels, that would be impossible.

Love has a mind of its own, it just knows because it’s a sure thing.
I’ll be ready to embrace it when the time is right..when the everything is right.


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