Actions speak volumes.

I learned a lot this past weekend during my celebration. A lot of good things, and some bad. To start this entry off the way (ideally) I would want to is just plain fuckery so what I will do instead is just write a poem to leave you with (before the real entry comes in a day or so).

Mirror mirror, on the wall..
Which friends would you say are the greatest of them all??
The ones that go above and beyond, and don’t think twice.
The ones that meet new people in your lives and are genuinely nice… attitudes and negative energy just do not suffice.
The ones that suck it up on your one special weekend, without even looking at it as paying a price.
The ones without an excuse out of their mouths because those don’t exist..
or that if cut off, would actually be missed. I am more than pissed.. but almost relieved, because a lighter load in my life is just what this achieved.
Just know this is the light form of what is to come, because after all is said and done, not only will you not be considered one, but I will have won.

I hate wack people.
They don’t belong in my life. Period, no excuses. I’m done with all this “comfortable” bullshit.


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