The Orange Ball.

You just sit there shinning down on me… and, when I’m down that’s all I really need. Even when I’m up, a dose of you does me so so good.
I wish you came around more often because truly, I can be around you forever. I don’t even need music in the car with your presence. I feel a sense of peace when I look up at you.
Sometimes I want to touch you but that’s just too far-fetched, plus I don’t want to risk being burned. I hate it when you make me sweaty but at least I get to show off my sexy skin around you. The other 3 aren’t as flexible or understanding. You are expensive company I must say, but I don’t care. I’ll travel to wherever you are.
As beautiful as you are, I know you can be deadly however when I want to feel protected, I just put on my Ray’s cuz your rays hurt my eyes.
Yes, this poem is for you Mr. Sun.
You deserve recognition for brightening up my days always.


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