Women listen up: let a man be the man he wants to be for you.

While working the other day, I was having a very interesting conversation with a woman who really made a lot of sense.  She was talking about how a lot of women push themselves away from their partners without even realizing how or why.  She explained to me a specific scenario with one of her clients that she claimed had a bad attitude.

She is a florist, and she had this young girl who was getting married who was bitching and complaining about not even liking or caring for flowers, and not knowing why her husband was making her get them for the wedding.  The florist said to the young lady, “Woman you are stupid.  If your husband wants you to have flowers for your wedding why won’t you just let him be romantic and get those for you?  You are too busy complaining, why don’t you just let him be a man and take care of you, because if you don’t, there will be another woman out there that will love for him to do that for her.”   The client was dumbfounded because she didn’t realize her pettiness and the whole idea of just letting a man be a man.

As we continued to talk, she explained to me that a lot of women don’t realize that it’s not just marriage itself, having a house and kids with a person that make a good relationship.  It is all the small things such as spoiling one another, great communication, letting a woman be a woman, and as a woman – letting a man be a man, meaning, making him feel as though he is needed, (even if you really don’t need him).  I’m not saying to lose your independence but there is a time to show it and a time to let a guy feel that hey, he can bring something to the table too.

There really are differences between the two genders and I truly believe that once one understands the simplicity of those differences, they can have a much more successful relationship.  She went on to tell me that her husband always makes sure, even encourages she do the things that make her feel like a woman (getting her hair done, buying a new perfume, etc).   Men like to feel that they are good for something, and a lot of times they like to romance their women.  Sometimes we don’t appreciate the small things and in turn it pushes our partners away.  Sometimes we nit-pick at some dumb shit and then wonder why our relationships are falling apart, or we always want to be controlling everything.

This florist really made some valid points.  It was such an intense conversation and made me realize where a lot of women go wrong.

She also said that two people should be able to just have each other in an empty room with no material things around and it should not matter one bit. That’s how unimportant those things are when it comes to real love.   Real love does not need entertainment, it is its’ own entertainment.  We need to remember the little things.

She was so right.


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