Moody Me.

I feel good now, but will this last?
My moods they come and go, oh so fast..
When I’m high, I’m sky… I fly.
When I’m low, I’m M-I-A, they be like, “Fuck.. where’s Taye?”
I’m trying to gain control over myself and how I feel
But in this life it’s sometimes difficult to heal..
Heal the frustrations of the unknown,
It’s that feeling of greatness that one always wants to have.
Don’t count me out, I don’t like being down.
I don’t like being moody, but that’s my challenge in life.
I can’t control it, but right now it’s what makes me me.
What brings me happiness let’s see:  success, growth, and reliability.
Freedom, passion, and the little things to name a few more.
I just truly want to spread my wings and soar,
Soar into a life that I can call my own,
Do the things that I desire
Be with a guy who is my best friend and that I admire.
Be free.
But a moody me won’t set me free..
I need to gain control of my emotions to increase my chances of happiness
I guess my first step was to take full accountability and put a blast on this.

[When did I start writing in rhymes?
I guess it’s a fun way to pass the time..]

I opened my blog tonight because, as predicted on my ‘About’ page, I’m addicted to blogging now lol.  I had a really great past 2 days and I wanted to write about them, but then I thought to myself, damn girl you are moody!  I have very high high’s and very low low’s.  When I’m happy I’m exhilarated, when I’m sad or mad I just want to be left alone and will snap on you if you say the wrong thing to me.  I don’t care if you are trying to crack a joke or not, if you rub me the wrong way you will get it.  Are all girls moody like this?  I get irritated at the smallest of things and just can’t help it.  I truly have been trying to fix that though.  But if I were to sit and make a list of all of the things that pissed me off, (well if you thought my TURN-OFF list was long!) this list would never end.  Word.  I wonder what makes a person like that.  I meet some people out there who are just so positive, even when bad things happen to them they are still able to keep their heads up and in great spirits.  Props to you folk.   I don’t get it though because when I’m happy it’s very contagious.  Hmm… that’s dangerous.   Anyway, Moody Me was my little poem that more or less says  that I realize how and who I am, and I want what everyone else does which is constant happiness and control over your emotions.
It’s a constant battle for me which is why I blog because it’s my release.


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