Bling Bling

So one of my good friends that I’ve known since like, day-care days, is having her 25th birthday bash right after my birthday.  Her theme is banging! Black and bling.  Everyone must dress formally in black with a little bit of bling, whether that be diamonds, sparkles, gold.. whatever.  I’m tripping out because I’m like, omg I have to look SEXY for this party.  Is it a bit much that at the mall today (while working), I seen a clothing display and after walking in that same store for 2 minutes, got them to put every single black dress they had on a mannequin on hold for me.. :S lmao. I’m talking about the dresses the actual mannequins were wearing, those sizes, those specific ones.  How very me of me.  There were 9 of them, I couldn’t resist!  Plus I had to, they only do holds for 48 hours and I need more time to make my decision so that was the only solution because it gives me until they change their displays which is about 1-2 weeks!  Genius I tell ya! Now all I have to do is figure out.. how I’m going to do my hair.. make-up.. and what accessories I will rock.  Well I guess I should try on those dresses first eh?  Hahahaha
You know, on top of about 6 black dresses I already own, I have a perfectly great designer dress that still has the tag on it that is not only black but has bling on it that I could wear right? …(for some reason 3-4 years later I’m still waiting to wear it for ‘New Year’s’)
There’s just something about novelty that is so fresh…
*sigh* Being a woman can be so fun sometimes.

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