16 days away…

I’ve had a change of heart.  Remember in one of my first posts ‘Planning shit is not my fortay’ when I briefly mentioned not being excited about turning 25..?
Well, I feel different now.
As I sit here planning my week, thinking about my life and talking to special people, I realize how truly blessed I am and that I do feel a sense of peace and inner joy.
What’s the big deal about 25 anyway?  Is it because it is dead in the middle of the 20’s?  Not quite 30 but far from those teenaged days?  Meh, who cares.
At the end of the day it really is the way you look at it.  We determine how we feel about shit.
I think there is just so much pressure in life.  Pressure when you are young to excel at your extra curricular activities or compete with your siblings to get noticed, pressure to be cool in high school and choose a major going into post-secondary, pressure in dating, pressure as women and as men to meet the stereotypes and ‘roles’ that we are “supposed” to have.
Age ain’t nothin’ but a number as Aaliyah and many others say.  In many ways that is true.
16 days away from my birthday and so many things flash before me.  The care-free days of being young and having dance groups with my friends.  Track and field.  Getting lots of presents on holidays.  Never having to worry about my hair or outfit because my mom already had that taken care of.  Getting drives everywhere.  No bills…
Okay these flashes are making me start to think getting old really does suck lol.

No, but on the real.  There are many positive things about getting older.  You get to make important decisions.  You get to build a life with someone you care deeply about.  You get to accomplish goals in a career.  You get to travel and call all the shots.  Maybe having a family could be exciting to some people as well.  You get to wear nicer clothes.  Go to really good parties with really good vibrations, no whippersnappers running around.

My moods often change, but as I sit here I’m feeling good about this.  Feeling great about the decisions I have made recently, and feeling happy.
Not just content, also confident that there will be a continuous flow of good energy coming my way.
The key I find, is to really embrace the good moments, and not rush through life.


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