P & B

I knew back then he was cheating because every time I asked him any question he always got super defensive. The anger. The fights. Always turned it around on me.

Turned it around…on me…

Be careful who you fall in love with.
Caught! Guilty.
Shame that he was too busy being angry to ever catch me.

[note to readers: If you treat your partner like shit, you will get cheated on or left, no exceptions. If your partner is a bad, mean person and you are the one doing the cheating, good for them – they deserve it. If you are a good person and get cheated on – well, I’m sorry but there is something lacking in your relationship or that person is just a dick wad. Always treat the ones you love or want to keep around like gold and leave no room for another person to come scoop them up because believe me, they will.]


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