Ode to Keisha.

I know you love her but you’ve got to let her go.
You’re not happy,
She can’t be happy,
It’s something that by now you both should know.
Love should flow,
Attraction should grow..
Years of the same bullshit is not your high, it’s your low.
That Mary Jane is seeming a lot better than her right now
So do me a favour and set yourself free.
‘Cuz we’ve only got one life to live and one day you will see
How happy you can be,
If you just make that bold move and stop limiting yourself to be,
‘Cuz love is not average.  And you are not, average.
I know what you want but you are holding your own self back,
and at the end of the day marriage means nothing when things have fallen..
So far off track.

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