Free Falling.

It’s scary sometimes to think of falling isn’t it?
But I’m going to fall.  Fall flat, fall back.  Wayyy back.
It’s too much for you to have me be close so that’s what I’ll do.
Maybe someday you’ll lean closer into me too.. let’s see how you move..
I’m into your private groove, but that’s all it is, private.
Since I cared once, twice, three times too hard, I’m going to have to fall back.
Fall flat, fall way back back back.
Silent Sam is not just a vodka, but a vicious medicine that you’ll get to taste.
In life we always do want our ways, but sometimes we must be careful what we wish for
the same way we make strategic game plays.
Free falling means to fall freely .. except,
my falling is as free as buying shit gets.
As I take a deep breath, close my eyes and simply let go,
I’m going to hope that you’ll hate it.. grab my hand and just say, “Please, don’t.”



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