It’s crazy to me how things can be a certain way one day, and be totally different the next.  This applies to everything:

Love.  Ever been so in love with a partner then realize you’ve been sleeping with a total stranger as you found out they have been cheating on you?  Or have them break-up with you when you thought things were going great?
Friends.  Ever wonder how come you and your bestie don’t quite “get” each other anymore? Or see that they are making more of an effort to hang out with other people rather than with you?
Family.  Ever be lied to from your own family in a way that makes you view them in a different light?  Or be laughing with a grandparent one day, then lose them the next?
Money.  Ever be on a nice money making streak and then just get laid off or replaced in your career?  Or have a business vision and then go out of business in no time at all?


I just never understood how something can feel so right, make you incredibly happy… and then change just like that!  Wait. Is it really just like that? And what is it that actually causes this change?  Often betrayal.  Loss of passion.  Change in circumstance.  Another person’s time to shine (to name a few).

It can be really fucked up.  To invest in someone, or believe in a thing.. and.. it just doesn’t turn out to be what you thought.  And I am not one to talk!  As I’ve had people invest in me, just to be left disappointed time and time again.  I have gotten my karma.  I may not take this kind of stuff so well myself, but I’ve gained the ability to forecast now.  I will teach you how too.

I can’t save anyone from a change because those are meant to happen in life.  But when it comes to forecasting, don’t be naive, most things are right in front of your face.  Ask questions if you are suspicious of something.  Watch behaviours carefully.  Patterns.  And see how people are treating you.

Changes in life are necessary but sometimes very hard to accept.
I know this, because I am still battling years of truths that I never wanted to be truths.
A lot of these changes are meant to happen in your life in order to enhance it.

Changes make you stronger.  Some make you a darker person.
All in all, they make you see things for what they really are.
They make you see,

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