I guess I should have Googled the name ‘Cubbie’s Corner’ before I chose to use it as my blog title!! I just did a search and found some pretty disturbing and explicit homosexual photos and videos under this name LMAO omg! (Not that I have anything against homosexuals cuz I most def’ don’t).

The name ‘cubbie’ is supposed to be a cute nickname given to me by my Dad that means cub bear and it just got killed in like less than 5 minutes.. smh.  Is there like another meaning for this name that I just don’t know about ???  Fuck man. How can homeboy do that to me.
The joke is that I actually sat here on the computer for a while trying to figure out a name too.. *sigh* Got so happy that I chose ‘Cubbie’s Corner’..
Should have just stuck with ‘divablogz’ lol

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