Turn OFF list

Here are a list of things in men that truly turn me off (I’m only listing traits/characteristics not sexual things cuz this list will just never end):

-compulsive liars
-cockiness in any form
-short tempers
-close-minded ‘ness’ and yes that means people who are stuck in their ways
-those are aren’t of their WORD
-punks (don’t defend their girl, leave her hanging to fend for herself)
-those who are vengeful, can’t get over shit & are always holding grudges
-get too comfortable in the wrong ways too fast (ie. think they can talk down or harsh to u because they feel close to u yet that’s no excuse, or stop doing sweet things they used to because they “have you” now)
-the one word answer wonders or fuckers that don’t respond to your text msgs & u know they have 2 minutes to spare in a day (don’t we all?)
-those not smart enough to have deep convos, always the same ole boring topics being discussed
-always try to make you jealous
-those that just won’t shut up about themselves

Please, comment if I missed any. I’m sure I did.


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