Planning shit is not my fortay.

So I’m sitting here trying to plan my birthday event which is in less than 1 month, and I’m like fuck.. who do I invite? Who don’t I invite? God I over-think everything!

I have some solid friends that I’ve had forever which are no brainers, but then I have the other “good friends” that I’ve also known for quite some time. First off, let me tell you what I’m planning and then maybe you can help me out (or not lol).

I arranged to rent a cottage 2 hours away that weekend so that I can have a private party get-away. Girls, guys. A perfect way to celebrate my 25th..which, I’m not actually excited about but that’s another story.

But, the reason why this is more complicated is because when you are having a weekend like that, it’s all about dynamic and mixing the right personalities together to create a good time. I don’t want more guys than girls.. or weird combinations, sounds harsh but ah’well it is what it is.

If I invite certain guys.. they may want to bring their girlfriends, who may not mesh well with my girlfriends.. and then I have some other people who are always so damn cheap I don’t even want to waste my time inviting them because they will say no anyways. Arghhh..

Real friends will show up regardless right? I mean, I have always thought that about birthdays. They are SO important. Especially the milestone ones. Your real and true friends, will find a way, find the money, find the time, or at least make it up to you in some way shape or form. But really, they should be present.

Anyways, I have figured it out. I think. I come off as though I care so much but really, I’m just going to invite the ones I can think of that I would want there, and whoever comes comes. Whoever doesn’t, well.. I’ll just be indifferent that’s all.


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